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Sam's Town sent me three free nights and let me book them the last two nights in November and the first night in December. So, I started my Vegas adventure there. I was surprised to get an offer because most of my play was on the full pay Deuces VP, which is really a dime VP because the max bet is 10 coins.
Free rooms at Boyd casinos means the resort fee is also covered, so the room is completely free.
I was somewhat anxious about starting my trip there because it is a long bus ride with luggage after a plane ride, but this year the plane ride was just from San Francisco.
I took the 109 and then the 202 and managed quite well. I try for the seat facing the exit door and I got to that on the 109 right away. The 202 was crowded when I boarded, but again it was not long before I got to those seats. Next year, however, I will have my new 4.5 London Fog suitcase with the bottom wheels for an easier roll on these buses.
On the morning of the third day I took the bus into McCarran, met Keith and we went  to rent the Budget car.
Keith was to stay at Bally's.
This gave us some flexibility and I could easily change hotels the following morning when I went to Eastside Cannery for three days and I could take my him back to the airport.

I was at Sam's on a Young at Heart senior special day. I failed to swipe for a multiplier, and perhaps the full pay nickels are not multiplied anyway, but I did get the free buffet and later that night got a voucher for breakfast the next day.
Another day I used my American Casino Guide coupon and earned the buffet after 200 points.
So, it never cost me anything to eat there.
I used the $4 movie coupon to see Ouija, a story about a girl who manages to contact evil on the other side.
It was pretty poorly done.
Sam's is often not my favorite buffet, but after I waited for a table (I don't do well in booths and I don't like a chair facing a wall) they put me out right next to the courtyard which was all decorated in Christmas lights and very pleasant.
And I was well fed.
I found the beef tasty but pretty tough.
There was a meatball soup that I liked.
I ate refried beans and a no sugar added blueberry pie.
One morning I walked down to Eastside Cannery for the Webpass earned free ham steak breakfast. That was very good but a bit off my diet.
I was in the Young at Heart senior at Sam's drawing for $500 for one person and then $100 for 20 people, but had no luck.

I played the 2-6 spread limit.  I like this game, but I don't often do well in it.  I bought in for $180 and was simply drained down after a few hours.
I did have one great hand. I held 4-5 spades and 7-8 came on the flop. The 6 hit on the river for a $192 pot.
Most of the crowd were regulars. One was Casey who was always changing his seat for better luck. 
He bet into me with trips.  When I hit on my junk cards, he left in a huff. 
Kevin said later that he should have been fine with that because he plays all sorts of things.
There was also a grumbling old fellow who left and one other fellow who was frustrated when my a 3 in my hand went to trips on the turn and beat him.
I was not playing well. I was playing too many hands. But playing well with regulars who all play better than I do generally means I lose while holding things they can't imagine I am holding can sometimes get callers. 
The bonus this day was the highest full house by a certain time. The fellow who won was the fellow I beat with trip 3's.
I only played the 2-6 once.
I played once in the $23 morning tournament and when we got to the final table there was a movement to chop when 4 of us were left. I went along, so I only earned about $50. I would have much better played it out, especially since one of us was very low chipped.
My issue with tournaments is just when I've earned a seat at the final table, everyone wants to split the pot.  In my mind, that is where the real poker starts. 
Yet I hate insisting on not splitting when everyone else is ready to go home, tired of the long game.


I did hit four deuces on the video poker and played both quarters and nickels for hours. I ended down money, but with plenty of points. I imagine that I'll get another offer next year.  I seem to be getting them regularly. 
California does not have me on the radar yet, but I still have hopes for some offers there.
I played well because I had been practicing on the Dancer video poker tutor created years ago by ZamZow. Still, I think that I only play at about 98%.


The Courtyard well lit for Christmas. Snow was on the trees, and decorative holiday dress on the animals.


Anonymous said...

I hate when I am given "comped" rooms but still charged the resort fee. Such a scam. The rooms are still cheap, but it's the point, don't indicate comped when you still have your hands in my pocket. However, certainly not a deal breaker.

Thanks for sharing your Vegas adventures online. I too will write up trip reports as a diary for myself. Details can get lost with the passing of years. How cool it will be when I'm 90 and bored to read and remember my trips.

I am not a poker player, but will some day get up the courage to give it a try. I stay at Bally's and over the intercom can always hear them welcoming players and I'm always so tempted.

Susan- not a robot ;)

Dewey said...

A nice start for poker is Sam's Town 10 am tournament. They have it every day. It is an hour or so of limit poker and then the no limit starts. So, you get a feel for both. In the end, I think it can only cost about $25 total and you get a lot of pleasure for that as long as you don't play every hand. The books say toss about 80% of your hands away. At least don't play cards that are very far apart and not suited. I like this site for common sense advice

Playing on line is fine, but it does not reflect what really happens because if the chips are free, the players are nutsy loose.

A good book is this one

Dewey said...

If you stay at Bally's, Flamingo has a great low limit 2-4 game.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the information, but what is a low limit 2-4 game? Susan

Dewey said...

Read the websites and perhaps a book. That is a question that can't be answered quickly. However, most poker players new to the game start with these low level games until they have a sense of what is going on.