Monday, January 23, 2017


Overall it was a good performance. Steve Connolly was energetic and interacted with the audience, mostly with women and couples, singing and joking with them and getting his photo taken.
He did not interact with me, and that was fine, but I often wonder why I am usually invisible when they have personal interaction with the audience.
He changed costumes a few times and it was impressive.    I especially liked the Liberace style jacket.
His black pants showed a sexy bulge which was were sensually pumped and he made great fun of that.
He had a very good Elvis voice and most the songs sounded authentic. A few were just a small bit off. He played all the classics and added in a few others including Willie Nelson's "You were always on My Mind" which surprised me.
Some of his information was a bit off. For example, he said that Elvis was only filmed from the waist up on the Ed Sullivan Show. 
I remembered seeing this show at my grandmother's house with my parents viewing also. I was about ten. Since I remember the discussion about his body movements, I was sure that they were filmed. I especially remember my mother, who could be quite critical, saying that she did not see what all the controversy was about. It reminded her of the cult following for Frank Sinatra in his younger days.
In some later appearances Elvis was only filmed from the waist up. But not in the first show.

Steve also mentioned a controversy with Ed Sullivan about a "pink" jacket.  But from what I have read, it was a plaid jacket.  Steve said that Sullivan did not want him to appear in that jacket, but the cameraman said that the color would not show because it was filmed in black and white.
That Sullivan disliked Elvis was true.  And it cost him money because he passed on putting Elvis on until he was a celebrity and much more expensive.
The show was well worth the price and the crowd got pumped up and had a fine time.
It gave me a fine break from poker without having to ride a bus to the event.

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