Thursday, June 19, 2008

Planned for July/August

Well, I am almost all set on my Vegas trip in August. The shuttle will need last minute booking because there is a penalty for canceling. Here is my schedule with all the black parts booked and the red parts planned but not yet booked.

Fly in on January 28 --- Free airfare
28-29- at Terribles at $29 a night with $25 freeplay as a bonus
30 - Shuttle to Edgewater, Laughlin $110 RT
30-31 Aquarius 2 free nights - coupon from Linda
1-2 River Palms - 2 free nights- coupon from Linda
3-4- California -- free
5-6-7 El Cortez - about $68 total.

I estimate that average total cost for hotels is $12 a night, a couple dollars cheaper if you figure in the freeplay at Terribles. If I average in my $110 shuttle to Laughlin I have transportation and hotels for under $22 a night.
And while I should play some VP to seed for future mailings at Laughlin only 2 nights, those at the California (based on past play at MSS) really feel like money must be played to maintain my daily average.
So I can take a good portion of my bankroll for VP and pump it into those two days of play.

Feels great to be booked.