Sunday, January 15, 2017

Coin droppers at the California upstairs

Up on the second floor of the California were some coin droppers that had 10/7 double bonus in full pay. I decided to play one.
In general, I have not sought these out because playing solo, I like the tickets and I don't like hand pays or the pressure to tip on a royal.
But as I played, I started to remember the old feelings from when these were the only slot machines.
I used a pattern common in those days. Coins were dropped one at a time, up until 5, unless they won, in which the winnings were played off before starting another dropping session. This meant that I played my winnings streaks faster than my losing streaks.
I cashed out at each quad, so as not to get caught having to go to the bathroom and needing a coin refill.
I had to refill once and it was very quick. That made me feel better about playing there.
Also, winning helped.
I bought in for $60 and then my luck changed. I cashed out for $467 and carried four large containers of quarters downstairs to the cashier.
Pretty nice.
The California did not send me any free nights, at least by January.  I still get free ones from Sam's Town based for the most part on nickle Deuce play.

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