Tuesday, January 24, 2017


From the airport I took Tropicana back to the Eastside Cannery to pick up the camera battery charger I had left in the room.
On the way I stopped at Cliff's barbershop in the plaza with the movie theater at Tropicana and Pecos. 
I was very proud of myself to remember where this barbershop was located. I had been there years ago.
It is a wonderfully quirky place, filled with Western memorabilia covering every inch of wall and floor space.
Cliff used to cut hair for Hollywood.
Mine was a real mess, and he worked it like a sculpture. 
Amazing, really.
Over and over he looked and did a bit here and a bit there.
When he was done, I looked like a new man.
He asked for twenty dollars. I tipped four more and felt it was quite a bargain for the beauty of the work.
I went on to Eastside Cannery where the security person looked up the details and called for my battery charger to be carried out. I knew it was there as I had called the day before, but this fellow looked and made strange faces into the computer screen and asked me details until finally the item was located. If I ever call again for a lost item, I'll ask for the number it is filed under. 

Once he was done skewing up his face in bizarre shapes, he asked me to wait in that section of the casino, and he'd call me over.
I waited facing him.
I did not play slots or read or look at my phone. 
I merely looked at the guard.
I thought that I was getting my item when another guard came, but it was only a shift change. I heard the first guard mention what I was there for to the new man and mention to me that it might be awhile as they had a medical emergency taking up their time.
After almost forty minutes of waiting, I went back up to the second fellow and told him I was going back to my car, but would return shortly.
He was totally unaware of what I was waiting for. My request had fallen through the cracks.
He apologized, and I was more generous than I felt inside.
He kept saying no one had told him, and so finally I said that I had heard the other fellow mention to him why I was waiting at the shift change.
He apologized again.
He called a wandering security person and she went quickly and brought the charger back to me. She too told me that she had been busy with a medical emergency and that she was the only person who could have retrieved the item for me.
Well, they need a better system. One medical emergency should not shut down the operation, and a guard taking over from another should get a full briefing.
These are, after all, security workers.
Perhaps new owners will improve the system.
At Sunset Station I redeemed a MyVegas dinner buffet. I had written the number down, but written B instead of 8, so it came up as a MonteCarlo offer.
The clerk looked it up under my name and soon found the error. The voucher was redeemed.
This was in direct contrast to a similar mixup at Red Rock where another clerk simply refused to look up my purchase vouchers. She said I needed the number and the one I was giving her was incorrect. There I ended up finding another listing and going to another clerk.
But in the end I missed using my matchplay because we can only redeem one a day at the Stations.
Just now they don't have any offerings.  Perhaps they are leaving MyVegas all together.  That will leave very little left in MyVegas to give away.
MGM is much more efficient on redemption. As long as the play is tied to the Mlife card, they can access MyVegas and redeem the offer, even if the number is incorrect or missing.
Station casino vouchers can be used over a long trip, one voucher a day with no maximum. MGM only lets me redeem three in a trip.
It was a tasty meal, but it spiked my sugar. I suspect some of the "no sugar added" desserts were really made with sugar. I'll need to be more careful.

All of these adventures meant I left for Laughlin fairly late, driving out of Vegas at rush hour. It was a bit hectic, but then all traffic went away. 
In the darkness I missed seeing the views of the desert, but I managed the drive without incident.
I was fine to see the lights of Laughlin as I descended the final hill.
I was pretty happy to get there.

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