Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Plans for April/May trip

Air to Vegas is $111. Home I use a free rapid rewards certificate.

Using I just booked Binions April 22-28 for an average of $23 a night (including taxes)
I generally never book this early at a discount online place, but the cancellation policy contained no penalty up until April 20th at 12PM. So I can see no disadvantage in getting this booked. ( I don't gamble at Binions except live poker so the use of a discounter does not interfere with any comps) If I get some free offers closer to the time, I'll use them Sun-Tuesday and cancel the last few nights.


Booked from the 28th until May 5th directly with the hotel. Again the average rate is $22 a night, but I don't expect to pay anything for these rooms because I expect to earn free night certificates using live poker play.

Bill may be meeting me for part of the Laughlin time. I hope so.