Tuesday, January 24, 2017


While I was very pleased to be my frugal self and be facing five nights in Laughlin for a total of twenty two dollars, I also was a bit anxious about the Colorado Belle rooms where I would stay my first three nights free based on my poker play from last year.
I had read reviews of the Belle and some were very good while others were terrible.
I thought of upgrading and asked the price of the better locations, the river facing rooms and those that are on the boat.
A river view would have been about twenty five more a night. Getting a room on the boat would have been under fifty dollars total. I had wondered if the twenty dollar trick might work, but I did not try it.
Instead, I took the key and inspected the free room. It was fine. I carefully looked for bed bugs because some of the worse reports had included these buggers.
No worries.
I did experience the loud noise of the bathroom fan which comes on with the light. The heating unit also was rather loud. In general, things were like a Motel 6 at home and for a solo traveler, it was fine.
Particularly wonderful was the television selection. There were plenty of channels with Turner Classic movies being one of them.
So I watched The Glass Menagarie again and enjoyed it. Such a sad film.
The next day I was still exhausted from sleep issues and from all the activity with my sons. Myrna Loy was featured, and I just got caught up in watching her in a huge assortment of films.
I guess over the course of the day I watched 8 films.
After all these days of go-go-go with my sons, I was happy to just chill out and watch TV and write.
One oddity is that my room has no number sign outside. It is 54029, but the only way to know that is to see it in context with the rooms around it.
That made me a bit anxious when I first entered the room.
Then I realized it was a fine amenity. I could forget the room number and still be able to find which room was mine. All I needed was a general sense of direction and my room would be the one with no number.
This was a bit awkward when some Spanish speaking folks arrived thinking my room was their room. They had the number written down on a paper and given to them by "the driver."
And it was correct, but with no sign on the door I had forgotten the number, remembering only the location from the elevator.
They were confused. I called the front desk and they kept apologizing, although I was not complaining but just making sure I was still registered, which I was, and thinking someone might help these folks find their true room.
Years ago we could feed river carp on the docks, but that is all done now. I did not see fish there. There is a moat like area on the parking lot side that is full of large koi, but here too there were no quarter dispensers of bits of fish food. I suppose it is the right choice, but I miss feeding the fish. ??photo


Okay, I know that this buffet gets bad reviews, but for breakfast, if they cook eggs, what can be bad?
The Sunday price was $15, but I had plenty of poker points, so mine was 87 cents.
They had two things I crave.
First, the bacon was crispy bacon. It is rare to find that in any Vegas buffet.
Second, they offered smoked salmon with the capers, onion, slices of tomato. I love that for breakfast. The Golden Nugget has it in downtown Vegas, but that buffet was closed in December and just open for staff until after I left.
So for me this often trashed buffet was a treat.
They also had blueberries, another of my favorites, but I had no room.

There was construction along the riverwalk, so I did not take much of a walk there.
One night I saw some King Kong movie and the Clash of the Titans. They were no Myrna Loy.
I was disappointed that I could not extend my checkout for an hour. I like to do this because it often means I don't have to wait at the next place for a room.
However, I went next to Harrah's and it was not a problem.

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