Monday, July 25, 2011

On baccarat

This is an aside from this Vegas message board thread on craps:

[QUOTE]Originally Posted by Ben Jammin

Baccarat carries a very low house edge, and requires no thought.

You can sit down to play, and drink on!

Then they can take you back to your room in a wheel chair if you request it.[/QUOTE]

Ah!!! If only there [B]was[/B] no thought required.  On the few occasions I use a matchplay on baccarat because the craps tables are packed, my mind works all the while:

Ah.... let's see............ here is the backgammon game.....oh, wait, I guess the correct term is baccarat.  Backgammon is that dice thing that Gayle always seems to win.
So how does this work again?  Something about a nine and the number of cards to get to it or around it or over it or on it.
Who decided nine, anyway?
Should I put it on player or banker?
Oh, yeah, banker can win and then get taxed.

Well, who wants to be taxed after winning? Is this a casino or an IRS office? And how would I possibly know if the tax was correct, anyway?

I read about the fellow who tipped the baccarat dealer by making a dealer bet, and the same dealer [B]taxed the tip[/B].
That is just wrong!
He called the floor, and the floor agreed, but
how would I know?

I do know that in spite of that James Bond movie where 007 decides to take one more card, in Vegas baccarat there are no such decisions to be made.

Good thing for me, too.

Okay, too much thinking.

Here, I'll put my matchplay bet on Player and then just leave, up or down.

Plenty of thinking, but no gambling suspense.
If I matchplay at craps, at least I get the exhilaration of the roll, sometimes of many.many rolls.
I feel a part of [B]that [/B]game.

Oh, why is this fellow ripping up all losing cards?  And why do they let him so abuse the decks?  Why if he did that at the poker table, he'd be banned.  Even tossing the cards whole is impolite enough there, but here he can rip them right in half and the dealer just shuffles a new deck.

Ah, what does it mean that the dealer is looking at me now.  Did I win?
Yes, that must be the case because the money is coming toward me and not away from me.

And what were the cards that came out?
I should at least have those for my trip report?   Ah......who am I kidding.....I am[B] not [/B]going to remember a bunch of random cards.
Perhaps someone should invent a "wheelchair" for the old age memory or a cerebrum rub.

Okay, I need to stop thinking now, and walk away.

No wheel chair at least for this trip.

Now let's get to a prime rib; I can fully understand a prime rib and unlike baccarat, playing with it and eating it requires no thought.
[I]“ Baccarat is a game whereby the croupier gathers in money with a flexible sculling oar, then rakes it home.  If I could have borrowed his oar I would have stayed. "[/I] Mark Twain ...

the full thread is here:

Tuesday, July 12, 2011

The real reason Vegas is called Sin City

This luscious dessert is described in chocolate detail here in this blog post.

It is on my list for next visit.
And I won't be splitting it, either.

Center of the Strip

I like this CET blog very much for the great photographs and the upbeat celebration of Vegas.  I know it is focused mainly on CET properties, but what the heck,  Harrah's gave me two free nights in November and a third at $30 just on live poker play.