Sunday, April 11, 2010

Booking for April (with running revisions)

Free Southwest ticket will get me there nonstop and back between April 11 and April 27.
16 nights in Vegas at an average cost of $32 a night.

11-12 -Two free nights at the Orleans that will put me in playing distance to the MGM for the Convention folks if they manage to get down that far.  I'll get to check first hand whether comped players are charged the resort fee.  It is only five dollars here.

13-14-15-- Gold Coast - Got the offer on the B connected site.  I have not played much there.  I'll enjoy some easy time with the band when I am tired and not a bad distance to play poker on the strip.  Also, the moves will be easier than the Imperial Palace.  I have to pay the resort fee of $3.

16-17 - Super 8 next to Ellis Island.  Norma took my booking and was very helpful.  Two nights for $139 with taxes using my AARP card.  NO cancellation fee, NO resort fee, NO upfront billing.  They do have a tighter policy if I were to book the cheapest rates.  My AARP (also AAA) rate costs me a  total of $6 more, but gives me the right to cancel.  Also, they have many free amenities: free wifi, free pool, laundry.  The laundry will come in very handy in the middle of my trip.
In addition for each night I stay Southwest will give me .5 rapid rewards credit.

18-19-20-21-22 - I booked April 18 to 22 at the Flamingo. This will be a treat for me as I have never stayed there and all the pools will be open. I booked for cash before my offers were posted.  Because I had booked, the computer would not let me see my offers.  I called and the operator took a look at my offers, found 2 free nights.  However, rates had gone up so it cost me $25 more for my other nights.  Still saved me over $50.

23-24 - Found Vegas Club on Priceline for $33 with tax a night.  I booked, but I can change it.  Eastside Cannery is still expensive.  More than twice that price and that means another bus ride to get downtown.  I guess I'll skip Boulder this time, unless I take the bus up on one of may strip days.  I have never used Priceline before,but this was not give a price and let them choose the lodging.  I hit this by first going to this great search site:
They actually compare prices of three discount broker, and I can link right to the offer from there.  They do take my money upfront, but they have a full refund cancel policy.

25-26 booked El Cortez (Pavilion) for 25-26 for $30 total on the American Casino Guide. Took the girl a long while to know what to do when I told her there was no promotion code on the coupon. Odd.  When I do confirmation, I need to check they have the numbers right.


That leaves me yet to plan:

I won't do Laughlin this trip, unless I do the one day bus ride.
I also won't do the monthly bus pass because I can do just as well on 24 hour passes.

Since April is a long way away and the free offers come at the last minute, I may have to alter plans or dates, but it feels good to be planning and thinking hotels again.

National Broadcaster's Convention is the first week of my stay and those folks are fun at the poker tables and there are a bunch of them.

I must remember to check my Harrah's online offers and my B connected offers.  This time there was a Gold Coast coupon for 3,000 points as well.  I think that will pay for a buffet.  I just had to print it out and bring it along.


I intend to tuy a 24 hour reduced fare ticket on the 108 bus at the Airport.  That will get me started for the days at the Orleans.
I'll need to play it by ear while I am on the strip.  I don't think I'll ride the bus much.  I might break up the strip with a one day free bus ride to Laughlin.
If I decide to go to the Cannery for the final weekend, I can just pay the one way on the Flamingo, but the 24 pass is just 50 cents more and maybe I'll want to go down Flamingo for breakfast at the Salvadoran place.
If I decide to go downtown for the final weekend, I will need a 24 hours pass just for the two legs of the journey.
It seems that 24 hour reduced fare passes are my easiest option all the while I am there.