Sunday, January 22, 2017


I saw this once before, ten years ago.  I liked it then, but I did not remember much of it.
MyVegas gave me a free showing this year.
The seat was pretty good.  It was  in the back of the main seating section.    There were very few seats left when I booked.
However, there is hardly a bad seat in this section of the theater.  Some of the high side wing seats I might try to avoid.
Actually, since there is so much activity going on all at the same time, I liked being in this back row. 
I took the SDX to the strip and walked up to Mirage, and I took it home once the show was over.
Here were some really fantastic acrobatics and all sorts of other visual delights.  I remembered when they pulled the cover over the lower section of audience. 
There was a scene that seemed like Lennon's funeral where folks wore black.  Most of the rest was upbeat.
Much of the rest of the show is dim in my memory.  I did not write it up in detail and take the notes I usually take. 
I thought that I remembered the show having more black and white original video, and that while I liked that, it was not the best of the experience.  This time there was a bit of that, but perhaps they have cut some of it out.  Most seemed like Cirque de Sol acts.  The music sounded wonderful. 
I'll try to go again when I return to Vegas this year.  It was a delight.
I also liked the early show.  I was well rested.

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