Sunday, August 22, 2010

Planning for November 2010 trip


2 free legs on SW direct flight puts me in Vegas Oct 30-- Nov 16.

Bill will be there with me, coming in a day earlier on October 29 and staying until Nov 6.  Elizabeth will come 6-13, one night at Super 8, 5 at Harrah's and one at Orleans.
We will have a car that time.
She had one leg free and caught the second for $144.

Here are my hotels so far.  
Oct 30-31
Orleans comped 2 nights with $10 food

Nov 1-2-3-4  
and a second reservation
Nov 5-6
Super 8 on Koval

Nov 7-8-9-10-11 Harrah's free
12-13-  ORLEANS FREE two nights with $10 food.
Nov 14-15 - El Cortez  $31 with tax using ACG coupon.

Nov 1-6 at the Super 8 will give me wifi, put me close to the strip for that convention dominated time, and let me do a load of laundry.  Having these nice long blocks of time in one place will be easy as well, avoiding the check in/ check out business.

My average  cost  for these seventeen nights, including taxes and fees is $22.40 a night and since it includes two weekends, a free ride back to the airport for me  from El Cortez, and for the most part less between-casino travel with luggage, seems like a good deal to me.

Five free nights in a row at Harrah's was quite a suprise and along with Elizabeth's dates let me drop my Gold Spike booking and avoid the newly raised resort fee.
Four nights free at the Orleans was satisfying since I don't expect to gamble enough to earn that kind of attention after this trip, so I want to hit them for as much as possible on this trip.  Four weekend nights makes up for my losses there last April.

Here is a thread for El Cortez  and Four Queens compared.