Friday, August 24, 2012

Gambling News

A new technology is going to change the way folks gamble in Nevada.

Online gambling will perhaps affect the local poker players. I'm hoping it will keep the more skilled Nevada players home more often and free up more poker table seats for tourists. However, I know that the electronic tables did not go over at Excalibur, so that may not be a new pattern.

Meanwhile here in my home state there is an exciting ruling on the legality of poker games run by average people.  It would be exciting to have poker rooms around the state as they do in California. Right now New York has some of the worst gambling rules in the nation making most of the games huge rip offs, especially the bingo slots that are disguised as video poker.

Saturday, August 18, 2012

New Look

Well, I gave this blog a new look.
I set out wanting again to arrange a layout that would include some links to favorite blogs, expecially to Hallysmoms blog because she is so kind to this blog on her site and I have not been able to throw in a link.

So, now I have a list of link favorites with Hallysmom included. 

I also finished up a revised resort fee article for the 2013 edition of American Casino Guide, so I am happy to be published again in a real paper book in bookstores around the country. 

I also took a close look at my followers.  One writes in a language other than English.  Wow!  Amazing connections in this new age of internet. 

Who are you, Lisa Saunders?  I probably know you from one of the discussion boards, but I have not put your real name together with a posting name.  I'm curious.

I am anxious to  be in Vegas, but the money just did not stretch out far enough this year for another trip with all the other planned travels.

I did manage a few losing days at Seneca Niagara
and I head out to Foxwoods on the bus every week or so.  It is so cheap to go there.  My fourth trip is next Tuesday and totally I have spent $40 on these four trips, each with a 3 hour bus ride, a free $15 or more buffet and $15 in freeplay.  Foxwoods lets me use any points to pay for a voucher for my next bus trip.

By the time I get back to Vegas, it will all be changed.  The D is going through many renovations, The Grand will open soon, The Ling Project will finish up.  I won't know the old place.

Well, hope you like the peppers.  It is one thing I can still eat on the new radical diet.