Thursday, January 26, 2017


Healdsburg, California
Flying to Las Vegas

I am not having a good start on the Vegas trip. I woke at 3 AM but did not think it was 3. I showered and dressed and then noticed the time. It is 5 hours until we head to the airport.

Then I went on the VP tutor to practice my Deuces. I thought I was doing just great. Then I made a bad mistake and was not warned. I realized that the warn feature had been changed and that I was not doing so well after all. Just over 98%.

The flight was easy, so much different than flying from Albany. This idea we had of just hopping around the West after our Thanksgiving celebration with family was a good one. Short flights are very nice.

I dreaded the end when we flew home from San Diego through Vegas, but as it turned out the San Diego flight was packed full, but it was a new plane and the seats were wider and more comfortable. The Vegas leg had so few people that both Elizabeth and I had our own rows. Delightful!

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