Monday, January 23, 2017


I always book the Orleans over a Wednesday so I get all the Young at Heart advantages.
This trip I arrived from Laughlin on Tuesday and left on Thursday for downtown. 
Laughlin into Vegas.

My car was due back Thursday morning, but I was up in time to drop my luggage at the California and then return the car at the airport, taking the WAX back to downtown.  Actually, I took it for free, because a fellow gave me a 6 hour ticket with some time left on it.
While I was still in the Orleans parking lot, about 6 AM I gave away most of my bottles of water and all the orange aspartame soda I hated to a fellow in the parking lot, who was happy to toss it in his truck.  I was happy not to abandon it.

I played a bit of Megabucks for no reward and certainly no life changing hit.  Most of my play is on the triple line nickel progressive.  I play the 9/7 Double Bonus, figuring most of the time the progressive puts me over the 100% payback mark.
The first day one royal made me money.  It must have been about $250, well over the starting point for nickles.
The second day I had a multiplier for seniors.  I played for the free breakfast and dinner vouchers and the $4 movie. 
I took some breaks to see the Nite Kings.  I always like to see them although it is often hard to find a seat.

I had $17 in my machine and I know I cashed it out, but I think I did not take the ticket.  This machine makes no noise for untaken tickets.  I went to the drawing, won nothing, and when I got back I saw that the $17 ticket was not in my wallet.  I'd lost it.
I retraced my steps feeling pretty bad.  Another forgotten piece in my life.
When I got back, the machine I was playing and liked was full, so I went to the door side of the bank of machines.  After three hands I hit four to the royal.  I needed just the jack of spades.  On two lines I caught the jack.  Both were well progressed, but one line had progressed all the way up to $485.  It was a great hit.  I felt less sad about the lost $17 because had I not lost that ticket, I would not have hit these royals.
I started to play a few more hands and hit quad queens.  Then I thought I had better cash out and secure the winnings before I forgot them or did something else dysfunctionally stupid.
I took the money up to the room and went to a $4 movie. Ouiji.  It was not very good.  I was too full for popcorn. 

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