Wednesday, January 25, 2017



I started the day by cleaning up the room. I certainly make a mess of things. It took me a while, but I managed to arrange things so that Frank had his spaces.

Walmarts provided me with a couple bottles of wine, more smoked cans of fish, advil, and what I thought was seltzer but ended up being fake soda with aspartame. yuck.  One can of that was enough.  I actually held it in the trunk until later in the trip where I gave it and much of my left over bottled water to a fellow in the parking lot at the Orleans at about 6 in the morning.  He thanked me and put it in the truck.  Perhaps someone likes that cheap soda, but if you drink seltzer on a daily basis, you soon lose the taste for sweetness.

My Vegas provided me with a free breakfast at Sunset Station. However, I played a good bit of quarter Deuces Wild and that took up seventy dollars, so it was one of those expensive free breakfasts. I did like there being no line. The food was good.

I hate driving on large highways, but I managed the trip to the airport. There must be a way to go on smaller local roads, but I am still just learning the GPS function of the phone. At least it was talking to me.

I did okay.

I parked in short term parking.

Frank was delayed a bit, but I met him in baggage and off we went to have a fine buffet at Aria's.

We could still park for free in the lot next to Bally's and have a bit of a strip visit on our way to Aria.  Now, there will be a parking fee.

I love this spot. Plenty of shellfish and other good tastes. Plenty of soups including a spot to make a pho so I could construct a fine soup, but skip the noodles.

There were two fine sugar free desserts, one called a cream cycle and another a pudding with a blueberry.

We had parked at Bally's and walked the strip. It was a fine, sunny day and there were plenty of odd street performers and such to entertain.

I tried to get Frank to get the free tee shirt at Ellis Island and use other coupons, but he was ready to settle in the room at Eastside Cannery. 

My boys are not attracted to the "bling" of Vegas like their Dad.

So we headed out to Eastside Cannery for one night before the trek to Red Rock Casino and Canyon.

Claudine Castro no longer plays the Monday night at Eastside, but does play at Sam's Town. However, she was not playing this night.

We decided to try the little Skyline casino where we could play nickels and dimes at full pay.

I had not scoped it out at VP free and in my searching only noticed one JOB at full pay in dimes. He played there, and I took an eight five bonus so as to sit next to him.

I was doing very well with quads coming and trips coming and even caught the Aces. But in the end I lost five dollars of my twenty. Frank was into his second twenty when he hit a club royal. In dimes this is four hundred dollars, so he was happy. This was to be his only substantial win of the trip.

Drink service was very slow, but we managed. I did not want to drink much anyway, and he had cokes. He also had a late breakfast type meal which he said was good. There were small bowls of free popcorn. This was not so great.

Also annoying was this fishing slot where the computerized shouter kept shouting out the same line over and over again.

It was loud.

I wished I had brought my three dollar ear muffs from Harbor Freight, but then I suppose it would have been harder to hear the banter with Frank. We did have a good time and laughed a lot.

Constantly they were giving tickets for this and that, giving away baskets of food, hats and tee shirts and twice there was a money drawing. And the announcer reminded me of a old fashioned carnival huckster.  I liked listening to him.

The first was for two hundred and fifty dollars, but the winner was not there. So that money was kicked into the second pot, making that seven hundred and fifty dollars. We had quite a few tickets in that one, but we did not win. 
I'm not sure if we were really supposed to have tickets. 
They came with any win over a hundred. However, the runner was so friendly, and every little while she gave us some. So, it was an exciting old fashioned time. 
I will definitely go back to this little place when I am staying at Boulder.

Along with the full pay dimes, there were many coin droppers in quarters of all varieties that paid full pay.

We called it an early night so as to sleep enough for Red Rock. However, I was awake after five hours. I just don't sleep in, even when I am tired.

When I left for Red Rock I left my Elf camera battery charger plugged in wall.  Luckily the charged battery held through all the Red Rock photos.  I picked it up when I got back, but that is another story told a few posts down.

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