Sunday, February 17, 2013

How I Pack for Vegas

23 days in Vegas means I pack carefully. I want what I want and that includes a very small coffee/tea maker and a ceramic cup unless my first stay is downtown where cups are just a dollar.
I bring the largest suitcase allowed on Southwest, packed just to under 50 pounds and include a soft extra bag that is empty on the outward trip but may be full on the way back.
On the airplane I'll have a very small carryon, my sleep apnea machine and my computer in case.

Now I have to think about buses and rolling from casino to casino.
So at arrival after weight is no longer an issue, all or most of my carryons go into the large bag to make for an easy roll. However, it is heavy getting into the bus.

Sometimes I collect some things to bring home, especially decks of cards for home poker games. Or I might win some prize. These add weight. So then the soft bag works to divide up the stuff on the way home and keep the weight of the large bag under 50 pounds. It also is protection against overpacking on the way out where I don't have a scale right in my hotel room as I do at home.
I weigh at the airport and if my large bag is over 50 pounds, I repack.

Whereas in Vegas I needed to get down to just one suitcase, at my home airport with help from whomever picks me up, I can easily manage two.

I'm looking at Eastside Cannery next trip as a middle stay for a good wash of laundry, but I pack very light shirts that dry easily and I wash in the room every couple days. I like jeans, but light shirts or shorts are more practical as they dry efficiently. I bring as many socks as I can manage. I hate socks washed in the room. Socks fit in all the little spaces and actually are good protection in the computer bag or sleep apnea bag

Friday, February 15, 2013

New notes on Eastside Cannery

They now offer free wifi in all the rooms.
There is also a coin operated laundry for guests.  This is a rare amenity in Vegas hotels and a real convenience for me when I travel for 23 days as it cuts into the need to do daily washing in the sink if I position the Eastside Cannery booking in the middle of my trip.
The rates are very competitive.  There is NO RESORT FEE  so already I am on their side just as a moral issue.  Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are $40 a night; however, seniors can get $10 off that rate.  There is a pool.
The 202 Flamingo bus drops off right at their parking lot, so even a late night return from the strip means a safe drop off and walk to the casino, just like parking the car would.  It waits a while too, so one could catch that bus to the strip by waiting to see it actually at the stop.  It is a long ride, about 50 minutes, but without the crowds that are on strip buses, and there are plenty of things to do along Flamingo, including plenty of casinos.  Terribles, Tuscany, Ellis Island, Rio, Gold Coast, Palms are all right on the route. 
They do have a part of their website with some freebies, but most have such a short life you have to redeem them close to the time of your trip.  Webpass is the name.

PS  This ended up being a dysfunctional and confusing program.  See this post