Sunday, September 29, 2013

cheese puns gone wild

Okay, this one post  is not really about Vegas at all, but in my personal blog (now gone private,) oddly enough this was the most favorite link to bring people in.  So I hated losing it.  Perhaps I'll reconnect with a Pokerbluegill Blog reader.  It was posted in 2008 and still had hits the last day that Pokerbluegill was on a seach engine.
Again, the privacy of Pokerbluegill had to do with spammers.  If anyone is interested just email me a gmail account (you need that for access) and I'll send back an invitation.

And to add one new one from Staci:
Sweet dreams are made of cheese,
Whom am I to dis a brie.

Telemea about it!!

Still..ton, as great uncle Beaufort always said to his Bruder Basil:
" Cheese puns have been around Fromage to age, and while some may be all Blarney, they should be part of any Saga, the answer to any Queso."

Cantel if he was right.

Butte, Were they Aragone, without them?

We'd be Bleu' ; we'd Greve.

So Button your lip, miss Rose.

We Edam up cause they are so Gouda.

Now...........Locatel me if that ain't the Trou du Crue.

So I say,
While it certainly is all in the Tyning.

Until the final Crecenza.......

(after which it is all Feta compli)

Brie ng it on.


Your pun Munster.



flippertie said...
c'mon guys, theres stiltons of bad puns left....
Anonymous said...
two's company... cheese, a crowd
Anonymous said...
All these cheese puns... I camembert them no longer.
I suppose they are for the grater good.
Dewey said...
Gouda postal. You're a brick for keeping well aged thread curing. I'm adelost to understand whey in the entire blog this saga takes the most hits; what curd explain it? Go figue. But I'd Greve to see it go. It would be a grate schloss.
Anonymous said...
These puns are so cheesy. I think we've milked them for all they're worth. Can I see an end in sight? I sharpam. Enough with the mixte bag of puns,let's just goutu the next topic and see what other puns we can ferment.
Anonymous said...
He seriously foled those puns one Gouda Murol for Cheeses everywhere. Enough to make a Farmer proud. Especially that one named Jack.
Dewey said...
I'd like to thank you, whoever you are for all the attention to this post over the years. It gets so many hits. I am amazed. It just started as a joke between me and a very dear friend.
I see the hits on my counter.
I can't believe that two of you have commented today after three and a half years.
Dewey said...
We watched an interesting Frazier where Roz is telling about going home to Wisconsin to see her family and one of the games they play is to talk only in cheese words

Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Strategy Comparisons

This is a great chart for those who wonder about playing JOB strategy on other games.

Here is a chart comparing cashback in various casinos.  Four Queens comes out on top of this one.

Friday, September 20, 2013

Issues with my private blog

Some of you read another more personal blog and I've decided to make it a private blog by invitation only.   Let me know you want access, the gmail account you would like to use, and when I can, I'll send you an invitation.
I'll keep this account public as long as I don't get spammed so much it is not worth the bother doing the moderation.
Sorry for the confusion.  I liked being public but that is just not practical anymore.

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Sunday, September 08, 2013

video poker chart

This is an interesting comparison of the effect of strategy on the various games and what one strategy will do to another game.