Wednesday, January 25, 2017


On the morning of my last day at Sam's Town, I had to meet son Keith at the airport and together we would go to rent the Budget car.
I misjudged the buses and was a bit late.  I felt terrible, but Keith was fine and told me not to worry.
I was Fastlane but had forgotten my card.  Keith suggested he wait in the line and I try to book downstairs anyway. 
The woman there said that I really needed my card, but she looked me up and agreed to do the paperwork.  There was no line there. 
She was quite a character.
Keith joined us and she started talking about how handsome I was.  Keith is a very handsome young man, so it was funny.  Still I enjoyed it.
She upgraded me to a Kia Sedona because it would be safer.  I was happy for that upgrade over the course of the rental.
I usually never rent a car in Vegas, and it was expensive with the loss damage waiver, but I treated myself to four weeks, and I was happy I did.  The trip is so cheap.  I am getting older.  My luggage was much heavier with all the clothes for my next part of the Western adventure, a Denver winter as well as Vegas summer like clothes, and I am having some back issues.
When we got the car, it only had a half tank of gas.  Once again Keith is the one who noticed that.  We drove up, got the woman's attention, and they sent a fellow to top off the tank with apologies.

We drove out to the Gold Coast for their breakfast buffet.  I had enough points from my play at Sam's Town to pay for both. 
I like their buffet.  Cheap and tasty.  The red eye gravy has changed a bit, but they can't really do much to eggs, especially since I like over easy rather than fancy omlettes.

Keith had a room at Bally's.  The second day I drove into their lot, but the third day, I took the 202 and that let me take a grand midday nap in Keith's room, and come home rather late from poker.

Keith and I play very different poker.  He plays 2-5 no limit.  I play only limit. 
I played the limit game at Bellagio one day, but it was 4-8 with a kill and so it pushes my bankroll a bit. 
We both played 2-4 at Flamingo and wound up sitting next to my old buddy from El Cortez days, Kevin and a friend of his, Mike.  That was very cool getting Keith and Kevin sitting next to them, with Kevin telling old stories.  It was a fine day.

Keith and I ate at Bally's.  It was an Asian place and I had a fine Tom Yum Seafood Soup.  One morning we went up to Ellis Island and had breakfast.  I had the steak special.  Still good.  No drink with it now, but I can't drink beer or soda anyway.

We walked through the Bellagio garden.  It was all Christmas and really more cliché than usual.  I was disappointed.  But we took a couple of photographs anyway.

We took the tram up to Aria and Keith played there a while. 
Here we are in front of the Aria poker room.

We were sort of on our way to the 2-6 limit at Excalibur to find a game we might play together, but I was really tired and that was when I took my nap.

Before the nap, however, I toured the art along that stretch next to Aria.  I especially love to see the Chihuly. 

 I got interested in this piece because if reflects an outdoor art piece that I thought I might visit later.  It is not too far from Laughlin. 
I took a few more shots as I walked back to Bally's for my nap.

 This one I took from the escalator.

Back in keith's room I took a long, long nap and felt a lot better when I woke up.
So over the few days we had a nice father/son visit, Keith and I.  He has three children, so this kind of one-on-one experience is rare. 
It also was a treat that Keith thought of coming.  I did not lobby or obligate him. 
Thanks, Keith.


Chuck Schwartz said...

Great pics of you and Keith. So glad that you had this time together.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for sharing the pics, I enjoyed them. Both you and your son are good looking. From what I can see, the Bellagio Conservatory looked nice, but to each his own. Personally, I never liked putting my picture out there for all to see. I've been following you for many years, on both Blonde's site and the Vegas Message Board. Are you still posting on those? Lately, I haven't been viewing those sites too often since Vegas Fanatics ( they have a weight loss thread I like to follow and stalk LOL ) I recall you being so helpful to those with transportation questions. I may need your help someday. I have your blog on my favorites. I enjoy it.


Dewey said...

Hi Susan. Thanks for all the comments. I visit and post some on the discussion boards, but not as much as I used to. For one thing, much of my experience is off strip and away from downtown, so I don't have much to say on topics of most interest.
Even my bus information tends to be dated now that I am renting a car. And I only go one trip a year.

I pulled back from a good bit of social media because I was spending too much time saying the same stuff over and over and almost addicted.

I am blogging more. And reading again.
I love Vegas, but I'm also well aware at 70 that my biological clock is ticking, so my goal this year is to go and see other spots. We are in Florida in a bit of new location this winter and planning a trip to Spain and another to Costa Rica. No gambling. But perhaps a good brush up on Spanish.

At home in upstate NY I hope to go to nearby places that I have ignored. The Finger Lakes in on my list as is Vermont, Massachusettes, perhaps even up as far as Maine or Nova Scotia.

Well, glad you enjoyed this writing.

Anonymous said...

Planning a trip to Spain and another to Costa Rica? That sounds a much nicer trip than Vegas! I only do Vegas because the husband can not get away from work more than 3 days at a time and Vegas is a very good vacation spot for that short amount of time. He should be retiring within 2 years and I shall spread my traveling wings :) I'll look forward to your trip reports on the other destinations.